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... According to Go Lotsāwa, it went from Gelongma Pelmo to the Indian Paṇḍita Jñānabhadra and further to the Nepalese scholar Belpo Peñaba.[9] Zaya Paṇḍita (dza ya paN+Di ta blo bzang 'phrin las, 1642–1715) adds in Paṇḍita Candrakumāra (zla ba gzhon nu) before Jñanabhadra.[10] The commentarial tradition of Avalokiteśvara called the Cycle of Mahākaruṇikā, the Great Compassionate One, was transmitted to Srībhādra, Rinchen Zangpo and Atiśa Dīpaṃkaraśrījñāna. ...

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At some point in his life—we do not know precisely when—Dawa Gyeltsen traveled to Nepal where he received empowerment and instructions from the siddha Peñapa (pe nya pa) on the eleven-headed form of Avalokiteśvara and on the famous fasting ritual nyung-ne (smyung gnas) that comes down to us from the famous Indian nun Bhikṣuṇī Śrī, or Gelongma Pelmo (dge slong ma dpal mo) ...

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