The Treasury of Lives

Alexander Gardner is Director and Chief Editor of the Treasury of Lives. He completed his PhD in Buddhist Studies at the University of Michigan in 2007. He is the author of The Life of Jamgon Kongtrul The Great.

Published June 2021


Jackson, David. 2003. A Saint in Seattle: The Life of the Tibetan Mystic Dezhung Rinpoche. Boston: Wisdom.

Dezhung Rinpoche (Kun dga' bstan pa'i nyi ma). 2005. Sgrub brtson rnal 'byor gyi dbang phyug kun dga' nyi ma'i rnam thar. In Gsung 'bum / kun dga' bstan pa'i nyi ma, pp. 403-420. Dharamsala: Library of Tibetan Works & Archives. TBRC W00EGS1017070.

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