The Treasury of Lives

Michael Sheehy is the Director of Scholarship and Research Assistant Professor at the Contemplative Sciences Center and Research Assistant Professor in Tibetan Buddhist Studies in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia.

Published December 2009


Mkhan po Kun dga' shes rab gsal byed. N.d. Mkhan po ngag dbang blo gros grags pa'i rnam thar bsdus pa. Unpublished manuscript, collected by Jonang Foundation.

Btsan lha Ngag dbang tshul khrims. 1992. “Rtsom pa po'i lo rgyus ngo sprod,” In Ngag dbang blo gros grags pa. Jo nang chos 'byung zla ba'i sgron me, 1-3. Qinghai: khrung go'i bod kyi shes rig dpe skrun khang.

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