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He served as the head lama (dbo bla) of the first two successive kings of Bhutan: Orgyen Wangchuk (o rgyan dbang phyug, 1862-1926) and Jigme Dorje Wangchuk ('jigs med rdo rje dbang phyug, 1905-1952), and root lama (spyi bla) to both the ladies – azhi (a zhi), and gentlemen – dasho (drags shos), of Lam Pelri (blam dpal ri) and Wangdicholing (dbang 'dus chos gling) royal collateral houses, as well as to Royal Chamberlain Honchung (gzhung mgronhon chung), Dasho Zhongarpa (drags shos gzhong dkar pa), and others. ...

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In 1948 she was invited to Bhutan to treat Jigme Wangchuk, the second king of Bhutan ('brug rgyal 02 'jigs med dbang phyug, 1905-1952) ...

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