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Adam Pearcey is the founder of Lotsawa House. He completed his PhD at SOAS, University of London, in 2018 with a thesis on Dzogchen, scholasticism and sectarian identity in early twentieth-century Tibet. Read more at

Published May 2013


'Jam dbyang shes rab. 2005. Bdag nyid chen po gzhung lugs rab 'byams pa kun dga' ye shes kyi rnam par thar pa ngo mtshar sprin dkar gzhon nu'i rol rtsed byin rlabs bdud rtsi'i char 'bebs. In Sga rab 'byams pa kun dga' ye shes kyi gsung 'bum, pp. 308-380. Xining. TBRC W00EGS1016747.

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