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... The Eighth Drukchen, Chokyi Nangwa ('brug chen chos kyi snang ba), identified the child as the reincarnation. ...

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... In their own texts guiding readers through the sacred geography of Tibet, the Fourth Drukchen, Pema Karpo (brug chen 04 padma dkar po, 1527-1592) and the Eight Drukchen Kunzik Chokyi Nangwa (brug chen 08 kun bzigs chos kyi snang ba, 1768-1822) cite a Guidebook of Mitra[yogin] for a description of a special herb to be found at Tsari that cures various diseases including leprosy, bestows blessings, and grants magical powers.[9] Another hagiographical account of Mitrayogin’s life entitled The Oceanic Tree; a Biography of Jinamitra (rgyal sras mi tra'i rnam thar rgya mtsho ljon shing)  was composed by Rinchen Gyeltsen (rin chen rgyal mtshan) the nephew of Sakya Paṇḍitā (sa skya paN Di ta, 1182-1251) ...

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He made several trips to central Tibet, visiting sacred sites and receiving teachings from the great masters of the day, including the Tenth Zhamar Chodrub Gyatso (zhwa dmar 10 chos grub rgya mtsho 1742-1792) and the Eighth Drukchen Kunzik Chokyi Nangwa ('brug chen 08 kun gzigs chos kyi snang ba, 1768-1822). ...

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