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The Pakdru Kagyu refers to the tradition based at Densatil Monastery, the seat of Pakmodrupa Dorje Gyelpo, which he established in 1158. A student of Sachen Kunga Nyingpo, Pakmodrupa combined elements of Sakya tradition into the teachings he received from Gampopa. Pakmodrupa's disciples established what are customarily listed as the eight secondary Kagyu traditions: Drigung, Drukpa, Martsang, Shukseb, Taklung, Tropu, Yabzang, and Yelpa Kagyu. Following the collapse of the Yuan-Sakya period in the late fourteenth century, the Lang family that controlled Densatil ruled Tibet for roughly a hundred years, a period known as the Pakmodru Dynasty. However, at the time the Lang family patronized multiple traditions, including the Geluk, and should not be thought of as advocates of Pakmo Kagyu.



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