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There are two lineage of the Kālacakra, the Ra lineage (rva lugs) and the Dro lineage (bro lugs). The Dro lineage was established in Tibet by a Kashmiri disciple of Nalendrapa named Paṇḍita Somanatha, who traveled to Tibet in 1027, and his translator Dro Lotsāwa Sherab Drak, from which it takes its name. The Ra lineage was brought to Tibet by another Kashmiri disciple of Nalendrapa named Samantaśrībhadra, and translated by Ra Lotsāwa Chorab. These two lineages were absorbed by the dominant religious traditions of Tibet, particularly the Sakya and Geluk, but their transmission can not be said to be tied to any one of those traditions, and some historical figures are best understood as Kālacakra masters above any other affiliation they might have enjoyed.



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