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The Tromsikhang mansion, a three-story stone building with courtyard structure located on the northern side of Barkor, was built as a residence for the Sixth Dalai Lama around the late seventeenth century and used as residence by Mongol ruler Lhazang Khan until his death in 1717. Qing Ambans also lived in the building at some point. The mansion was the site of many historic events, including the assasination of Gyurme Namgyel, the last lay ruler of Tibet. The aristocratic Changlochen family, who were descendents of Gyurme Namgyel, lived in the mansion, as did other minor aristocratic families over time. A police station was located in the building in the 1920's. The building was largely demolished in 1997, though the facade was restored and it received official "protected" status from the government around that time.


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