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Tashichoedzong in 1921. Earl of Ronaldshay - Lands of the Thunderbolt: Sikhim, Chumbi & Bhutan from opposite p. 243.

Tashichoedzong, known also as Thimpu Dzong, is located in Bhutan. The site's earliest structure was founded in 1216 by Drigungpa Nyo Gyelwa Lhanangpa Sanggye Rinchen as Do Ngon Dzong, which lies in ruins near the current fortress. Shortly after its founding, Pajo Drukgom Zhikpo of the Drukpa Kagyu took control of the fortress. In 1631 the new dzong, named Tashichoedzong, was completed under the direction of Shabdrung Ngawang Nyamgyel. The Fourth Desi Tendzin Rabgye built a new monastic assembly hall at Tashichoedzong. Shortly thereafter, there was a fire during the reign of the Fifth Desi Gendun Chophel, who oversaw the rebuilding process until its completion in 1698. Additional fires happened in 1760 and 1869, and general reconstructions took place in 1772 and 1777.

In 1962, the Third King of Bhutan Jigme Dorji Wangchuck ordered that Tashichoedzong be extended and renovated in order to accommodate governmental offices in the complex, the consecration for which took place in 1969. Tashichoedzong serves as the Central Monastic body’s summer residence and also houses the offices of the king and cabinet ministers.


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