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The Kālacakra College at Rongwo Monastery was founded in 1773 by the Third Rongwo Drubchen, Gendun Trinle Rabgye.


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Abbots & Officers


Abbot 'jigs med grags pa rgya mtsho -
Abbot Bipa Mipam Dawa -
Abbot bsod nams rgya mtsho -
Abbot blo bzang bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan -
Abbot dge 'dun mkhas mchog -
Abbot dge 'dun bstan pa rab rgyas -
Abbot dge 'dun bsam 'grub rgya mtsho -
Abbot don yod bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan -
Abbot Gendun Trinle Rabgye 1773 -