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Menri, the main Bon monastery located in Namling county in central Tibet, was founded in 1404 or 1405 by Nyamme Sherab Gyeltsen. At one time it housed 350 monks, four colleges, a school of dialectics, and an assembly hall. It was largely destroyed during the cultural revolution, and although some restoration has occured, the site still has extensive ruins and only a small cohort of monks. 

Abbots & Officers

Throne Holder

Throne Holder Rinchen Gyeltsen [1415 - ]
Throne Holder shes rab 'od zer [1732 - ]
Throne Holder gtsug 'od zer [1736 - ]
Throne Holder g.yung drung tshul khrims [1758 - ]
Throne Holder shes rab bstan 'dzin [1760 - ]
Throne Holder shes rab 'od zer [1820 - ]
Throne Holder shes rab dbang rgyal [1836 - ]
Throne Holder g.yung drung dbang rgyal [1849 - ]


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