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Gyuto, the Upper Tantric College, is one of the two main Geluk tantric colleges of central Tibet. It was established in 1474 or 1475 by Kunga Dondrub, the disciple of Gyume's founder Sherab Sengge. In 1485 Kunga Dondrub was credited with saving Lhasa from a flood and granted perpetual ownership of Ramoche Tsuklakhang in Lhasa, said to have been built to house the Buddha statue brought to Tibet by King Songtsen Gampo's Chinese queen Wencheng, after which Kunga Dondrub moved Gyuto into the Ramoche complex. The main study at Gyuto is of the tantric systems of the Akṣobhya form of Guhyasamāja, the Luipa tradition of Cakrasaṃvara, and Thirteen-couple Vajrabhairava.


Abbots & Officers


Abbot Ngawang Namkha Zangpo -
Abbot Yeshe Tardo ? -
Abbot Konchok Chozang ? -
Abbot Lobzang Jinpa ? -
Abbot Lobzang Nyendrak Gyatso ? -
Abbot Yeshe Wangden ? -
Abbot Lobzang Gyeltsen ? -
Abbot Tashi Tongtun ? -
Abbot Ngawang Lobzang Tenpai Gyeltsen ? -
Abbot Lobzang Gyeltsen ? -
Abbot sangs rgyas bkra shis -
Abbot Jamyang Monlam #? -
Abbot Jangchub Chopel #? -
Abbot Lobzang Khechok ? -
Abbot Samten Puntsok #? -
Abbot Lobzang Dargye ? -
Abbot Lobzang Tsultrim Pelden ? -
Abbot Jangchub Namkha ? -
Abbot nam mkha' rgyal mtshan 1574 -
Abbot Konchok Chopel 1612 -
Abbot Gyeltsen Sengge 1729 -
Abbot Gendun Tsultrim 1798 -
Abbot thub bstan lung rtogs bstan 'dzin 'phrin las 1936 -
Abbot lung rig rnam rgyal 1983 -


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