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André Alexander, Lhasa House, 1996

Dakpo Drumpa family had estates in the Dakpo region and this Lhasa townhouse, which was initially built in 1790 and rebuilt in the 1920s. It was partially demolished in 1950 and completely demolished in 1998. The Drumpa family was connected to the Thirteenth Dalai Lama through his elder brother, Lobzang Tashi, who married into the Drumpa family. His son, Namyel Gyeltsen, succeeded him but fell ill and died at a young age after which the household and estates were taken over by Lhalung Gyeltsen Tarchin, the Thirteenth Nechung Oracle. 


Alexander, André. 2019. The traditional Lhasa house: typology of an endangered species. Chicago: Serindia, pp. 93-95.


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