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The Drumpa family, also known as Dakpo Drumpa, was originally from the Dakpo region where they managed large estates. They also had a home in Lhasa located south of the Jokhang.The Thirteenth Dalai Lama's elder brother, Langdun Lobzang Tashi, took over the family in the late 1800s by marrying a daughter from the family. Lobzang Tashi's son, Drumpa Namgyel Gyeltsen, served in the military and was Commander in Chief from 1925-1929. The Dalai Lama appointed the former Nechung Oracle, Lhalungpa Gyeltsen Tarchin, to manage the Lhasa household and Dakpo estates of the Drumpa family when Namgyel Gyeltsen fell ill and subsequetly died in 1930.


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