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The Dru clan is one of the six early clans of Tibet. Dru was an important family of Bon supporters believed to have originated in Drusha (Gilgit), which was annexed by Tibet for a time beginning in the eighth century. The Dru palace, Namtong, was located in Tobgyel to the east of Shigatse and north of the Tsangpo river. Members of the Dru family were influential in promoting the study of philosophy through the Dzopuk, a Bon text, a treasure text revealed by Shenchen Luga.  Dru descendant Druje Yungdrung founded Yeru Wensaka monastery, which was to form the model of instruction and conduct for the later Menri monastery.  The Fifth Dalai Lama recognized the Fifth Paṇchen Lama, Lobzang Yeshe, the reincarnation of his teacher, the Fourth Paṇchen Lama, Lobzang Chokyi Gyeltsen, in the Dru family, leading to the transfer of their estate and wealth to Gelukpas. Eventually the entire family became followers the Geluk tradition. Until 1959, the Bon traditions of the Dru family were continuously followed in Tibet at Menri, and thereafter reestablished in India and Nepal. 


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