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The Desi, or Regent, was ostensibly responsible for the operation of the Ganden Podrang government while the Dalai Lama was in infancy. The term Depa (sde pa) is also used to refer to Regents of the Ganden Podrang.

Abbots & Officers


Regent nas ma jin 1242 - 1242
Regent he min hri 1249 - 1251
Regent Sonam Chopel 1643 -
Regent Depa Trinle Gyatso 1660 - 1668
Regent Ngawang Rinchen 1704 - 1706
Regent pho lha nas 'gyur med rnam rgyal 1747 -
Regent ngag dbang blo bzang thub bstan 'jigs med rgya mtsho 1811 -
Regent Ngawang Jampel Tsultrim Gyatso 1820? -
Regent ngag dbang ye shes tshul khrims rgyal mtshan 1855 -
Regent thub bstan 'jam dpal ye shes bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan 1934 - 1941


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