The Treasury of Lives

The line originated when the Second Pakpa Lha, Pakpa Sanggye identified Sanggye Jungne as the reincarnation of his master, Pelden Chokdrub, who he posthumously recognized as a reincarnation of the Indian Pandita Śāntideva, author of the Bodhisattvacaryāvatāra. The seat of the Zhiwa Lha is Chamdo Jampa Ling, a Geluk monastery, which is also the seat of the Pakpa Lha line.



Pelden Chokdrub, who was posthumously known as the First Zhiwa Lha, was a Geluk lama active in southeastern Tibet in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth century. Born in Kongpo, he was the chief disciple of Pakpa Dechen Dorje, the First Pakpa Lha.

Sanggye Jungne, the Second Zhiwa Lha, a line of Geluk incarnations based at Chamdo Jampa Ling, was the nephew of the Second Pakpa Lha, Sanggye Pel, who educated him mostly in private and whom he later served as his secretary. In turn Sanggye Jungne educated the Third Zhiwa Lha, Zhiwa Zangpo, who became his successor, and lived long enough to also train the Fourth Pakpa Lha, Chokyi Gyelpo. Sanggye Jungne served as the fifteenth abbot of Chamdo Jampa Ling and was an important mediator to communities in the region.

Zhiwa Zangpo was the Third Zhiwa Lha. Having received teachings from Choje Shakya Lhawang and the Fourth Pakpa Lha, as well as Fifth Dalai Lama and Fourth Paṇchen Lama, he served as the eighteenth abbot of Chamdo Jampa Ling.

Pakpa Gelek Gyeltsen, the Fourth Zhiwa Lha, was born in Kham and studied in Sera Monastery, receiving teachings from the Fifth Paṇchen Lama, the Seventh Dalai Lama, and others. He was awarded the title of "hutuktu" by the court of the Qing Qianlong Emperor. He served as the twenty-second abbot of Chamdo Jampa Ling where he trained the Seventh Pakpa Lha, who was his successor.

The Fifth Zhiwa Lha, Lobzang Dondrub Gyatso was born in Wangkar in Drayab region in Kham and trained in Chamdo and at Sera Monastery. He served as the twenty-sixth abbot of Chamdo Jampa Ling for fourteen years.

The Sixth Zhiwa Lha, Ngawang Jigme Khenrab Tendzin Trinle, was born in Kham and received his training and education first in Kham and then at Sera Monastery. He served as the twenty-eighth abbot of Chamdo Jampa Ling for eighteen years, from 1901 to 1919.

The Seventh Zhiwa Lha, Ngawang Trinle Tendzin Khenrab who was born in Dakpo region of central Tibet. He received his primary education in Kham and obtained Geshe degree at Sera Monastery near Lhasa. He served Chamdo Jampa Ling as General Treasurer and restored the monastery's century-long tradition of prayer and offering festivals. Details of his life following the destruction of Chamdo Jampa Ling during the Cultural Revolution are not available, nor is the year of his death.