The Treasury of Lives

The Shardong incarnation lineage was in existence by the twentieth century, when the Fifth Shardong, Lobzang Shedrub Gyatso, was recognized as the reincarnation of the Fourth Shardong while in his mother's womb. There is no information about the Fourth Shardong, or any of the previous incarnations. The seat is at Lhalung Jakhyung Monastery in Tsongon. A Sixth Shardong has not been named.



The Fifth Shardong, Lobzang Shedrub Gyatso was a prominent Twentieth century teacher of Tibetan studies in Amdo. A student of masters like Sherab Gyatso and Tseten Zhabdrung, he taught at Qinghai University of Nationalities for a year before being forced out and sent to labor for twenty years. Following liberalization in the 1980s he returned to the University, and at the request of Tenth Panchen Lama, he taught at the Tibetan Buddhism College of China in Beijing.