The Treasury of Lives

The Detri incarnation line is a prominent Geluk tulku line of Labrang Monastery dating from the late 17th century. The title appears to be an abbreviation of Dewatsang (sde ba tshang) Throne holder (khri pa). The First Detri was the third throneholder of Labrang. The Detri incarnations had their seats at Shitsang and Labrang monasteries.



The First Detri, Lobzang Dondrub was the third throne holder of Labrang Tashikhyil Monastery. A disciple of the First Jamyang Zhepa, he trained mostly at Gomang college of Drepung monastic university before helping his teacher establish Labrang.

Jigme Lungrik Gyatso was the Second Detri, an important incarnation line of Labrang Tashikhyil Monastery. He was educated at Gomang College at Drepung and Labrang, where he served as the sixteenth throne holder the year before he died.

Jamyang Tubten Nyima, the Third Detri, was educated at Labrang and Wutai Shan. An ethnic Mongolian, he traveled widely in China and Mongolia. He served as the thirtieth throne holder of Labrang, from 1822 to 1826.

Lobzang Lungrik Nyima was the Fourth Detri, an important incarnation line of Labrang Monastery. He passed away at the age of thirteen.

The Fifth Detri, Jigme Tubten Nyima, was born of the same parents as the Fourth Detri incarnation, who had died at the age of thirteen. He was born in the same year as his brother’s early death. He was educated at Labrang. He passed away at the young age of twenty-five.

The Sixth Detri, Kelzang Khyenrab Gyatso, served as the throne holder of Labrang and abbot of Shitsang Monastery, the seat of the lineage. He traveled in Mongolia to promote the Geluk tradition.

Jamyang Tenpai Gyeltsen was the Seventh Detri, a line of incarnations based at Labrang and Shitsang monasteries in Amdo. He passed away at the age of six.