The Treasury of Lives

A Nyingma incarnation line affiliated with Katok Monastery in Kham. Although Katok Chamtruk Kunzik Jigme Dorje was identified in his time as an incarnation in the Chamtrul line, it now appears that he's considered to be the First Chamtrul, followed by the Second Chamtrul Pema Nangsel Dorje and the present Third Chamtrul Lobsang Gyatso. 




Jigme Dorje

19th cent.

Kunzik Jigme Dorje was a reincarnation in the Chamtrul line of Katok Monastery. He was a disciple of the Second Katok Situ and was a teacher of the Third Katok Situ. He served as the regent of Katok Monastery for several years. After his retirement, he dedicated his time to practice and continued to teach until his death.