The Treasury of Lives

The Chakri Nyidrak line of incarnations, aslo known as the Nyitrul line, originated with Terchen Nyima Drakpa, the prolific seventeenth-century treasure revealer. The line's seats are at Tamogang Kelzang Puntsok Ling and Sindzong Osel Drubde Chakri monasteries.



Nyima Drakpa

b.1647 - d.1710

Nyima Drakpa was an influential and prolific treasure revealer based in Kham. Accused by some of using black magic to murder the Tenth Karmapa, he was a controversial figure who was in high demand for his ritual acumen, and is primarily remembered for having played a leading and active role in the promulgation and standardization of the Liberation upon Hearing, what has come to be known as the "Tibetan Book of the Dead."

Pema Tekchok Tenpai Gyeltsen, a disciple of the Second Dzogchen Drubwang, Gyurme Tekchok Tendzin and the First Dzogchen Ponlob, Namkha Osel, was the reincarnation of Terchen Rigdzin Nyima Drakpa. He was based at Sindzong Osel Drubde, for which he wrote the monastic constitution.

Mingyur Pende Gyatso, the Third Nyitrul incarnation, was a disciple of the Third Dzogchen Drubwang, Ngedon Tendzin Zangpo. Based in both Sindzong Osel Drubde and Takmogang Tubten Norbu'i Ling, the seat-monasteries of his line, he built temples and commissioned large number of objects of faith.

Jigme Choying Dorje, a disciple of the Fourth Dzogchen Mingyur Namkhai Dorje, was the Fourth Nyitrul incarnation based in both Chakri Nyidrak Monastery and Takmogang Kelzang Puntsok Ling, the seat monasteries of the Nyima Drakpa incarnations.

Tendzin Trinle Wangchuk was the Fifth Nyitrul who was enthroned at Chakri Nyidrak and Takmogang, the seats of the Nyitrul incarnation.

Tubten Wosel Tenpei Nyima was the Sixth Nyitrul, an incarnation based at both Takmogang and Chakri Nyidrak monasteries.  He was a disciple of the Fifth Dzogchen Drubwang and a teacher to the Sixth Dzogchen.