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In 1204, the Kashmiri paṇḍita Śākyaśrībhadra came to Tibet. In 1240 Koden Khan sent a reconnaissance mission to Tibet which razed Reting Monastery. In 1246, Sakya Pandita met Koden Khan in Liangzhou. In 1264, Pakpa Lodro Gyeltsen of the Khon lineage was named secular and religious ruler of Tibet by Khubilai Khan, and the period of Sakya Mongol rule of Tibet began. In 1290 Drigung enlisted the military support of Hugelu Khan, Mongol ruler of Persia, to rebel against Sakya-Yuan rule, to which the army of Khubilai Khan responded by completely destroying Drigung Monastery. Buddhist masters Buton Rinchen Drub and Dolpopa Sherab Gyeltsen were born in 1290 and 1292, respectively.


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