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Diana Lange, 2012, CC BY-NC-ND

Tsel Gungtang, to the south of Lhasa, was founded in the twelfth century by Zhang Yudrakpa Tsundru Drakpa, also known as Lama Zhang. Lhazang Khan offered Tsel Gungtang to the Fiftieth Ganden Tripa, Gendun Puntsok. Gendun Puntsok, who later became known as Tri Gungtangpa, converted the Tselpa Kagyu monastery to the Geluk tradition.


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Abbots & Officers


1. First Abbot Zhang Yudrakpa Tsondru Drakpa 1175 - 1187
2. Second Abbot Nyamme Śākya Yeshe 1187 - 1207
3. Third Abbot shes rab ye shes 1207 -
4. Fourth Abbot byang chub ye shes 1208 -
5. Fifth Abbot Lhachuk Kharwa Nyida O 1210 - 1214
6. Sixth Abbot sangs rgyas 'bum 1214 -
Abbot shAkya 'bum 1301 -


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