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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade at any time?
Yes. If you wish to upgrade before your annual renewal, a prorated fee can be arranged.

Can an institution join at any time?
Yes. Institutions can subscribe at anytime and do not need to wait for the beginning of the calendar year. Subscriber resources are activated upon receipt of payment and will run for a full calendar year from that date.

Are rates determined by the size of a university?
No. Rates are based on Tier Levels. Tier 2 offers more benefits than Tier 1, and Tier 3 offers the greatest benefits.

What are the differences between the subscription tiers?
Tier 1 grants access to online classroom resources and data exports. Tier 2 includes the online resources in Tier 1 plus online tutorial and our awesome custom mapping tool that allows users to view a digital map and/or data export using their own curated list of locations available on The Treasury (if you want to add a spot, be in touch and we can make that happen). Tier 3 includes everything already mentioned as well as access to our advanced search platform, personalized support, and help creating your own digital or static maps for publication or teaching. If you need more detail or would like to see some of these features in action, just let us know!

How is an institution's access configured?
Access can be established by providing your institution’s IP address(es) to The Treasury of Lives. Users can also log in with their university email addresses and access services from any location. If you need access configured another way, such as through a federated login service, please get in touch with us at "subscription @" and we can work together to make that happen.

Can community members access the services off-campus?
Yes. If you are a member of an institutional subscriber, you can access services remotely. You will need to create a personal account using your institutional email address. After confirming your email address, you will be able to access the subscriber resources.

Can an institution access usage statistics? Are usage statistics COUNTER compliant?
Libraries may gain access to usage statistics from our website by an administrator who can create an account and view information on active users, searches and content downloads. While The Treasury of Lives recognizes the importance of COUNTER compliance, as a small non-profit, we do not have the resources to become fully compliant at this time.

Is the resource accessible to users with disabilities?
The Treasury of Lives is in the process of completing upgrades to ensure accessibility for users with disabilities. We recently implemented improvements that ensure users with color blindness and low vision can read content. Additional upgrades are in the process of being implemented and should be completed by January 2020, if not sooner.

Are community members encouraged to submit biographies and place descriptions for publication?
Yes. We welcome feedback as well as submissions of both biographies and place descriptions.

If I need a map for a project or publication, how much time will the process take?
This depends on the type of map or data needed. We recommend allowing a minimum of 2-3 weeks to allow for scheduling and the review process.

I am an individual scholar or user of the site but I want to access subscription services. Can I become a subscriber?
At the moment, these services are designed for institutions. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

I'm having trouble accessing the subscriber resources. What should I do?
Contact us at "subscription @"

I still need more information. What should I do?
We're happy to help. Send us an email: "subscription @"