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... He received additional tantric transmissions and empowerments from many other teachers whose names include Pelden Sengge (dpal ldan seng ge, d.u.), Dorje Gyeltsen (rdo rje rgyal mtshan, d.u.), Tokden Sorin (rtogs ldan bsod rin, d.u.), and Namnangwa Yonten Gyatso (rnam snang ba yon tan rgya mtsho, d.u.) ...

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From that time on, Sharchen continued to receive teachings from his father as well as from Khyungpo Lhepa Zhonnu Sonam (khyung po lhas pa gzhon nu bsod nams, 14th century), a chief disciple of both Kunkhyen Pakpa O (kun mkhyen 'phags pa 'od, 13th century) and Buton Rinchen Drub (bu ston rin chen grub, 1290-1364) ...

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... The lineage is given as follows: Turlapa Tsultrim Kyab (thur la pa tshul khrims skyabs), Tangdewa Pakpa Kyab ( thang dpe ba 'phags pa skyab), Serdingpa Zhonnu Wo (gser ldings pa gzhon nu 'od), Chokyu Wozer (chos sku 'od zer), and Pakwo Yonten Gyatso ('phags 'od yon tan rgya mtsho) ...

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