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His students included Sonam Lhundrub (bsod nams lhun grub, 1456-1532), Pelden Dorje (dpal ldan rdo rje, 1411-1482), and Konchok Pelwa (dkon mchog 'phel ba, 1445-1514).  He also taught Kacharwa Sonam Gyeltsen (kha char ba bsod nams rgyal mtshan d.u.), Kedrub Peldorwa (mkhas grub dpal rdor ba d.u.), Kunga Tashi (kun dga’ bkra shis, 1349-1425), Sonam Wangchuk (bsod nams dbang phyug, d.u.), and the abbot of Tubten Dargye Ling, Yonten Chogyel (yon tan chos rgyal, d.u.). ...

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When he was eight Drub Tashi received the lay vows of upāsaka from Yonten Chogyel (thub bstan dar rgyas gling mkhan po yon tan chos rgyal, d.u.), abbot of the royal monastery, Tubchen Dargyeling (thub chen dar rgyal gling) ...

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