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... In addition to Sherab Zangpo they were: Me Jangsem Sherab Zangpo (smad byang sem shes rab bzang po), the founder of Chamdo Jampa Ling (chab mdo byams pa gling) in Kham; Ngawang Drakpa (ngag dbang grags pa) of Guge; Gyeltsen Sengge (rgyal mtshan seng ge), the founder of Pashang Netang Monastery (dpa' shod gnas thang dgon) in Kham; Denma Yonten Pel ('den ma yon tan dpal), the founder of Lab Kyabgon (lab skyabs mgon) in Yushu; and Lama Pelden Sherab (bla ma dpal ldan shes rab) who was a cousin and disciple of Sherab Zangpo's ...

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