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... The Second Peling Sungtrul, Pema Lingpa's immediate reincarnation, was Yenpa Lode (pad gling gsung sprul 02 yan pa blo bde, 1536-1597), also known as Tendzin Chokyi Drakpa (bstan 'dzin chos kyi grags pa) ...

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... His father was Yanpa Lode (yan pa blo bde, 1536-1597), a student of Dawa Gyeltsen (zla ba rgyal mtshan, 1499-1587), who was the son of Terton Pema Lingpa (gter ston pad+ma gling pa, 1450-1521) ...

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... Tashi Tobgyel grew up in the palace receiving various teachings from some of the most renowned masters of his day, many of whom had been students of his predecessor, including Tukse Lodro Gyeltsen (thugs sras blo gros rgyal mtshan, d.u.); Drenchok Pelden Lodro (dren mchog dpal ldan blo gros, 1527-1596); a Sakya teacher named Zhegonpa Sonam Tsemo (zhe dgon pa bsod nams rtse mo, d.u.); Rinchen Puntsok Chokyi Gyelpo (rin chen phun tshogs, 1509-1557), the seventeenth abbot of Drigung Monastery ('bri gung dgon); Lochen Ratnabhadra (lo chen rat+na b+ha dra, 1489-1563); the Second Peling Sungtrul, Yenpa Lode (pad gling gsung sprul 02 yan pa blo bde, 1536-1597); Jampa Chokyi Gyeltsen (byams pa chos kyi rgyal mtshan, d.u.) of Nub Monastery (gnubs dgon); Rigdzin Nyida Ozer (rig 'dzin nyi zla 'od zer, d.u.); and Tashi Pel (bkra shis dpal, d.u.). ...

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