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From Tra Gelong Tsultrim Dargye (khra dge slong tshul khrims dar rgyas, 1866-1937) he received an empowerment from the Ghaṇṭāpāda tradition of Sky-Faring (khecarī) Vajrayoginī ...

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... Based on such prophecies, Tāre Lhamo was recognized at an early age as the emanation of two local figures of the preceding generation, one male and one female, namely Tra Gelong Tsultrim Lodro (khra dge slong tshul khrims blo gros, 1866-1937) and Sera Khandro (se ra mkha' 'gro, 1892-1940), also known as Uza Khandro Dewe Dorje (dbus bza' mkha' 'gro bde ba'i rdo rje) ...

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