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The Blue Annals also lists him in a Vajravārahī transmission lineage, which he received from Rongpa Serseng (rong pa ser seng, d.u.) and gave to Takton Zhonnu Pel (tag ston gzhon nu dpal, d.u.); a Mahākaruṇika transmission that he received from Tagton Zhonnu Dar (sag ston gzhon nu dar,) and gave to the Kagyur master Tel Khenchen Sherab Dorje (thel mkhan chen shes rab rdo rje, d.u.); and Kacho Nyendrub (mkha' spyod bsnyen sgrub), which he received from Yungton Dorje Pel (g.yung ston rdo rje dpal, 1284-1365) and gave to a Lama Tsulgyal (bla ma tshul rgyal) of Nartang (snar thang). ...

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