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... According to his disciple and biographer Rinchen Namgyel (rin chen rnam rgyal, 1318-1388), Rinchen Drub "overcame proponents of false and wicked views, including the Bon, by means of scriptural texts and reasoning, and converted them to Buddhism." He gave ordination to a number to students, and began to compose his own works, assisted by his disciples Neng Sengge Yeshe Pel (sneng seng ge ye shes dpal, d.u.) and Dargye (dar rgyas, d.u.). ...

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... Also are mentioned Lama Khetsun Gonpo Gyeltsen (bla ma mkhas btsun mgon po rgyal mtshan), Khenchen Dratsepa Rinchen Namgyel (mkhan chen sgra tshad pa rin chen rnam rgyal, 1318-1388), and Choje Jangchub Sengge (chos rje byang chub seng ge), who was likely the same Jangchub Sengge who taught Sharchen Yeshe Gyeltsen (shar chen ye shes rgyal mtshan, 1359-1406) and who served as the ninth abbot of Jonang Monastery ...

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... There he took his bodhisattva vows with Rinchen Namgyel (rin chen rnam rgyal, 1318-1388) and studied the sutras, tantras, and Buddhist sciences with great determination ...

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