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... Moreover, he instructed Lerab Lingpa to bestow on the "Girl from Gonjo"—her name before meeting Lerab Lingpa is not known—the name Trinle Peldron, which was inspired by the name of Khyentse Wangpo's own root guru, Minling Jetsunma Trinle Chodron (smin gling rje btsun ma 'phrin las chos sgron).[2] Nevertheless, she seems to have been known more familiarly simply as Khandro Bumo, meaning "Ḍākinī Girl." ...

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... Lama Sangngak had received the transmission of the Three Sections of Dzogchen (rdzogs chen sde gsum) from Tsike Chokling Konchok Gyurme (rtsi rke mchog gling dkon mchog 'gyur med, 1871–1939), who had received it from Chokgyur Lingpa's disciple Karmey Khenpo (dkar med mkhan po), who had himself received it from Chokgyur Linpa via visionary experience after the treasure revealer had passed away ...

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