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In search of valid monastic ordination over one hundred years after the tradition had been lost in U and Tsang, Sumpa Yeshe Lodro traveled to Amdo accompanied by the so-called Ten Wise Men of U and Tsang (dbus gtsang gi mkhas pa mi bcu); five from U: Lume Tsultrim Sherab (klu mes tshul khrims shes rab), Dring Yeshe Yonten ('bring ye shes yon tan), Rakshi Tsultrim Jungne (rag shi tshul khrims 'byung gnas), Ba Tsultrim Lodro (rba tshul khrims blo gros); three from Tsang: Loton Dorje Wangchuk (lo ston rdo rje dbang phyug), Tsong-tsun Sherab Sengge (tshong btsun shes rab seng ge), and Bongdongpa Upadekar (bong dong pa u pa de kar); and the two Wogye brothers from Ngari (mnga' ris pa 'o brgyad spun gnyis) whose names are not known. ...

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