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... These members included the Thirty-third Sakya Tridzin and founder of the Dolma Palace in Sakya, Pema Dudul (padma bdud 'dul, 1792-1853); his son, Tashi Rinchen (bkra shis rin chen, 1824-1865) who became the Thirty-fifth Sakya Tridzin; and his daughter, Jetsunma Kelzang Tsultrim Wangmo (rje btsun ma skal bzang tshul khrims dbang mo, d.u.) ...

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... These included:

He taught at a number of monasteries, including Tsedong (rtse gdong), Tubten Serdokchen (thub bstan gser mdog can), and Ngor Ewaṃ Choden (ngor e waM chos ldan) ...

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Her paternal uncle, Pema Dudul Wangchuk (padma bdud 'dul dbang phyug, 1792-1853), the Thirty-third Sakya Tridzin, appointed the famous Lopon Loter Zangpo (blo dpon blo gter bzang po, d.u.) to be her first major teacher ...

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... He received blessings from the Thirty-third Sakya Tridzin, Kunga Tashi (sa skya khri 'dzin 33 kun dga' bkra shis, 1792-1853) ...

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... Although the Longchen Nyingtik was not one of his primary practices, he figures large in the transmission history of the treasure cycle.

Other prominent lamas that he studied with include: Shechen Paṇḍita Jamyang Gyepai Lodro (zhe chen paNDita 'jam dbyangs dgyes pa'i blo gros, d.u.), the Second Dzogchen Khenrab Zhenpen Taye (rdzogs chen mkhan rabs 02 gzhan phan mtha' yas, 1800-1855), the Fourth Dzogchen Tulku Mingyur Namkhai Dorje (rdzogs chen 04 mi 'gyur nam mkha'i rdo rje, 1793-1870), the Thirty-fourth Sakya Trichen Pema Dundul Wangchuk (sa skya khri chen 34 pad+ma bdud 'dul dbang phyug, 1792-1853), the Thirty-fifth Sakya Trichen Dorje Rinchen (sa skya khri chen 35 rdo rje rin chen, 1819-1867), Zhalu Ribuk Tulku Losel Tenkyong (zhwa lu ri sbug sprul sku blo gsal bstan skyong, b ...

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