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In addition to her father’s training, she is said to have received instructions from early Kagyu masters such the Second Karmapa, Karma Pakshi (karma pak+Shi, 1204–1283); the First Drukchen, Drubtob Gonye[iii] (grub thob mgon ye); Tarpa Lotsawa Nyima Gyeltsen (thar pa lo tsA ba nyi ma rgyal mtshan); Khedrub Choje (mkhas grub chos rje), and an unidentified figure with the epithet Dzamling Gyen ('dzam gling rgyan), "Ornament of the World." Her biography also states that she received teachings from Tropu Lotsāwa (khro phu lo tsa ba (c.1172–c.1236), however, it seems likely that he lived too early for them to have met directly. ...

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