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... Jamgon Kongtrul and the Sakya Trichen—presumably the Thirty-seventh, Kunga Nyingpo (kung dga' snying po, 1850-1899)—confirmed the recognition. ...

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... In 1882 Gongkar Tulku (gong dkar) requested the Vajramāla tradition of the Indian ācarya Abhayākaragupta, and Drakshul Trinle Rinchen and Kunga Nyingpo Sampel Norbu, the Thirty-seventh Sakya Tridzin (kun dga' snying po bsam 'phel nor bu, 1850-1899) also attended ...

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... Her parents were Kunga Nyingpo Sampel Norbu (kun dga' snying po bsam 'phel nor bu,1850-1899), who served as the Thirty-seventh Sakya Tridzin from 1883 to 1899, and his wife, Lharitsema (lha ri rtse ma) or Lhagyari (lha rgya ri) Chime Rigdzin Pellha ('chi med rig 'dzin pal lha, d.u.) ...

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