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As the most eminent among his numerous disciples, Sharchen's biographical sketch enumerates Ngorchen, Dzongchunpa Kunga Gyeltsen (rdzong chung pa kun dga' rgyal mtshan, 1382-1446), Gushrī Namkha Zangpo (gu shrI nam mkha' bzang po, 14th-15th centuries), and Changlung Chodingpa Zhonnu Lodro (spyang lung chos sding pa gzhon nu blo gros, 1372-1475). ...

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Among his numerous disciples, both scholars and yogins, were eminent masters such as Dzongpa Kunga Gyeltsen Pelzangpo (rdzong pa kun dga' rgyal mtshan dpal bzang po, 1382-1446), Yakton Sanggye Pel (g.yag ston sangs rgyas dpal, 1350-1414), and Choje Lamdrepa Lobzang Karmo (chos rje lam 'bras pa blo bzang dkar mo). ...

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