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... In 1938, while staying at Drongri Mukpo (brong ri mug po) in upper Ser (ser stod), they conceived their only daughter, Khandro Tāre Lhamo, who was born near Tsimda Monastery.[52] In an unspecified year after 1939, their youngest son, Tubten Chokyi Nyima (thub bstan chos kyi nyi ma) was born and recognized, at least locally, as a reincarnation of Do Rinpoche Kamsum Zilnon Gyepai Dorje (mdo rin po che khams gsum zil gnon dgyes pa rdo rje, 1890–1939), who was a grandson of Do Khyentse Ye Dorje (mdo mkhyen brtse ye shes rdo rje, 1800–1866).[53] All three of Apang Terton's sons who reached adulthood died in Communist prisons during the Cultural Revolution.[54] ...

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... Her parents were Do Tsedzin Wangmo (mdo tshe 'dzin dbang mo, 1894–1953) and Traktung Tubtob Pawo (khrag 'thung thub stobs dpa' bo).[3] Her mother was an eminent medical doctor and the daughter of Rigpai Reltri (rig pa'i ral gri, 1830–1896); while her father was a long-haired, white-cotton-clad yogin.[4] In addition to her mother's care, she was reared by her maternal uncle, Do Rinpoche Gyepa Dorje (khams gsum zil gnon dgyes pa rdo rje, 1890–1939) when her father was absent due to his yogic lifestyle.[5] Prior to giving birth, Tsedzin Wangmo dreamed of luminous moonlight which inspired her to name her daughter Dasel Wangmo—"Feminine Power of the Brilliant Moon."[6] ...

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... He was identified as the incarnation of his aunt, Khaying Drolma (mkha dbyings sgrol ma, 1823-1854), the daughter of Do Khentse and Akyong Bumo Dzompa Kyi.9 He had another son named Do Kham Sum Zilnon Gyepa Dorje (mdo khams gsum zil gnon dgyas pa rdo rje, 1890-1939)10 and a daughter named Tsedzin Wangmo (tshe 'dzin dbang mo) with Ragza Rigche Wangmo (ra bza' rig byed dbang mo) ...

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