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... He also received empowerments from Sangkok Jigme Gyatso (gsang khog 'jigs med rgya mtsho) and Amchok Khyenrab Gyatso (a mchog mkhyen rab rgya mtsho, 1849–1944), and he served as a scribe for the latter. ...

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... Later, in 1926, after the Tibetans had retaken Labrang and Maqi again attacked, Jigme Trinle Gyatso is said to have remained at Labrang and organized the monks to perform rituals to protect the monastery, and he also negotiated with Maqi to refrain from harming the monastery.

At the age of seventy-four Jigme Trinle Gyatso encouraged Jigme Gyatso ('jigs med rgya mtsho, d.u.), later a teacher of the Tenth Paṇchen Lama Lobzang Trinle Lhundrub Chokyi Gyeltsen (paN chen 10 blo bzang phrin las lhun grub chos kyi rgyal mtshan, 1938-1989) and Konchok Samdrub (dkon mchog bsam grub, d.u.), later a teacher of the Sixth Jamyang Zhepa, Jamyang Lobzang Jigme Tubten Chokyi Nyima ('jam dbyangs bzhad pa 06 'jam dbyangs blo bzang 'jigs med thub bstan chos kyi nyi ma, b ...

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