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... 1917); the Seventy-Second Ngor Khenchen, Luding Khenchen Sharchen Jamyang Thubten Luntok Chokyi Gyeltsen (ngor mkhan chen 72 klu sding mkhan chen shar chen 'jam dbyangs thub bstan lung rtogs chos kyi rgya mtsho), Sakya Lhakhang Khenchen Jampel Zangpo (sa skya lha khang mkhan chen 'jam dpal bzang po, 1901–1960); the Seventy-Third Ngor Khenchen, Khangsar Khenpo Ngawang Khyentse Tubten Nyingpo (ngor mkhan chen 73 khang gsar mkhan po ngag dbang mkhyen brtse thub bstan snying po, 1913–1988), the Seventy-Fourth Ngor Khenchen, Tartse Khenchen Ngawang Sonam Gyatso (ngor mkhan chen 74 thar rtse mkhan chen ngag dbang bsod nams rgya mtsho, 1933–1987); and Tanak Khenchen Mipam Ngagi Wangchuk (rta nag mkhan chen mi pham ngag gi dbang phyug, 1902–1960). ...

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... The year he stepped down he gave the empowerment of the twelve maṇḍalas of the Sarvadurgatipariśodhanatantra, for which his disciple, Jamyang Kunga Tenpai Gyeltsen ('jam dbyangs kun dga' bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan, 1933–1987), who would later serve as the seventy-fourth abbot of Ngor, gave the explanation.[12] ...

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At Ngor he was able to meet two young lamas of the monastery, Tartse Khenpo Jamyang Kunga Tenpai Gyeltsen (thar rtse mkhan po 'jam dbyangs kun dga' bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan, 1933–1987) and Luding Khenpo Jamyang Tenpai Nyima (klu lding mkhan po 'jam dbyangs bstan pa'i nyi ma, b ...

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