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Zhonnu Yeshe (gzhon nu ye shes, 12th century) is considered to have been his primary disciple ...

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... The first volume contains biographies of two of his teachers, Alak Lakho Jigme Trinle Gyatso (a lags bla kho 'jigs med 'phrin las rgya mtsho, 1866-1948) and Yongdzin Tsang Kelzang Peljor Zangpo (yongs 'dzin tshang skal bzang dpal 'byor bzang po, d.u.); and two important figures in the Tibetan medical tradition, Tsoje Zhonnu Yeshe ('tsho byed gzhon nu ye shes, 12th c.) and Yutok Nyingma Yonten Gonpo (g.yu thog rnying ma yon tan mgon po, 790-833). ...

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