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... Forced to leave the child on the Mongolian frontier, the Zhamar sent for the Third Pawo, Tsuklak Gyatso (dpa' bo 03 gtsug lag rgya mtsho, 1567/8-1630), who had studied under the Fifth Zhamar, the Ninth Karmapa, and the Fourth Gyeltsab, Drakpa Dondrub (rgyal tshab 04 grags pa don grub, 1550-1617) to serve as his tutor ...

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... 1610-1674); the Fourth Tsurpu Gyeltsab, Drakpa Dongrub (mtshur phu rgyal tshab 04 grags pa don grub, 1550-1617); the First Drigung Chungtsang, Chokyi Drakpa ('bri gung chung tshang chos kyi grags pa, 1595-1659); the Fifth Drukchen, Paksam Wangpo ('brug chen 05 dpag bsam dbang po, 1593-1641), Dordrak Rigdzin Ngagi Wangpo (rdo brag rig 'dzin ngag gi dbang po, 1580-1639), Tsele Natsok Rangdrol (rtse le sna tshogs rang grol, b ...

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... The boy had previously been unsuccessfully claimed as the reincarnation of a Kagyu hierarch, the Fourth Tsurpu Gyeltsab Drakpa Dondrub (mtshur phu rgyal tshab grags pa don grub) ...

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