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... Of these twenty-one, nineteen died on the journey due to the foreign climate, disease, and other conditions, leaving only Rinchen Zangpo (rin chen bzang po, 958-1055) and Drakjor Sherab (grags 'byor shes rab) also known as Lekpai Sherab (legs pa'i shes rab) to return ...

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Some of his biographies have it that Rinchen Zangpo's initial trip was sponsored by Yeshe Wo, who sent twenty-one young Tibetan men to India to learn Sanskrit and bring back scripture; all died in India save Rinchen Zangpo and Lekpai Sherab (legs pa'i shes rab, d.u.), the son of his paternal uncle, who became known as the Lesser Translator (lo tsA ba chung ba) ...

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... Over the course of his education, Darma Senggye (dar ma seng+ge, d.u.); Darma Nyingpo (dar ma snying po, d.u.); Bari Lotsāwa Rinchen Drakpa; Chak Tarwa (lcags thar ba, d.u.); Drakchor Sherab (grags 'byor shes rab, d.u.); Chokyi Gyeltsen (chos kyi rgyal mtshan, d.u.); and Zhangton Chobar (zhang ston chos 'bar, 1053-1135), aka Gonpawa, would be among his most influential teachers. ...

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