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... Ngawang Jampa studied with numerous other lamas, including Drubkhang Zhokpa Donyo Khedrub (grub khang zhogs pa don yod mkhas grub, 1671-1737), Jampel Dewai Dorje ('jam dpal bde ba'i rdo rje, d.u.), Lama Sonam Zangpo (bla ma bsod nams bzang po, d.u.) and Ngawang Chokden ngag dbang mchog ldan, d.u.), the abbot of Gyume College (rgyud smad grw tshang) with whom he exchanged many teachings. ...

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... He studied under Donyo Khedrub (don yod mkhas grub, 1671-1737) and a lama named Lobzang Jinpa (blo bzang sbyin pa, d.u) ...

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... These included: the Fifth Paṇchen Lama, Lobzang Yeshe (paN chen bla ma 05 blo bzang ye shes, 1663-1737); Drubkhang Gelek Gyatso (sgrub khang dge legs rgya mtsho, 1641-1713); Zhok Donyo Khedrub (zhog don yod mkhas grub, d.u.); Jamyang Dewai Dorje ('jam dbyangs bde ba'i rdo rje, 1862-1741); the Fifty-fourth Gaden Tripa, Ngawang Chokden (dga' ldan khri pa 54 ngag dbang mchog ldan 1677-1751), later identified as the First Reting (rwa sgrengs 01); and Purchok Ngawang Jampa (phur lcog ngag dbang byams pa, 1682-1762). ...

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