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At the age of ten, Lobzang Tenpai Gyeltsen began to study under numerous tutors including Khyi Rabjampa Lobzang Tendzin (skyi rab 'byams pa blo bzang bstan 'dzin, d.u.), Sakyil Gendun Gyeltsen (sa dkyil dge 'dun rgyal mtshan, d.u.), Domkam Rabjampa Tenpa Dargye (sdom skam rab 'byams pa bstan pa dar rgyas, d.u.), Changlung Rabjampa Lobzang Targye (sbyang lung rab 'byams pa blo bzang dar rgyas, d.u.), and Nyalung Rabjampa Gendun Ozer (nya lung rab 'byams pa dge 'dun 'od zer, d.u.) ...

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