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... He received novice vows from the Third Rongwo Drubchen, Gendun Trinle Rabgye (rong bo grub chen 03 dge 'dun 'phrin las rab rgyas, 1740-1794).

At Rongwo Monastery, Mipam Dawa received advanced teachings from the fourteenth abbot, Gendun Tendzin (rong bo khri 14 dge 'dun bstan 'dzin, 1716-1790), Tsegon Lama Gendun Khyenrab (tshe mgon bla ma dge 'dun mkhyen rab, 1736-1815), and the Second Setsang Lama, Ngawang Jamyang Tashi (bse tshang 02 ngag dbang 'jam dbyangs bkra shis, 1738-1813). ...

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... There he initially studied under two tutors, Jamyang Gendun Tendzin ('jam dbyangs dge 'dun bstan 'dzin, 1716-1790) and Darzhing Jamyang (dar zhing 'jam dbyangs, d.u.) ...

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