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He studied under Likya Sherab Sengge (li kya shes rab seng+ge, d.u.), the First Amdron Khetsun Gyatso (a mgron 01 mkhas btsun rgya mtsho, 1604-1679) and Chokyi Gyatso (chos kyi rgya mtsho, 1571-1635), the second throne holder of Kumbum Monastery (sku 'bum) ...

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Trichen Lodro Gyatso's disciples included Kelden Gyatso (skal ldan rgya mtsho, 1607-1677); Cho Gyatso (chos rgya mtsho, 1571-1635), the Second abbot of Kumbum (sku 'bum) monastery;  the Thirty-fifth Ganden Tripa, Konchok Chopel (dga' ldan khri pa 35 dkon mchog chos 'phel, 1573-1644); Namgyel Peljor (rnam rgyal dpal 'byor, 1578-1651), the Fifth Abbot of Kubum; and Pilbuwa Ngawang Chodrak (spyil bu pa ngag dbang chos grags, d.u.). ...

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... He returned to Amdo the following year, where he continued his training, studying Guhyasamāja with Cho Gyatso, the Second Abbot of Kumbum Monastery (sku 'bum khri 02 chos kyi rgya mtsho, 1571-1635) ...

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