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... Reportedly, Tropu Lotsāwa had heard of Mitrayogin from Buddhaśrījñāna, a Kashmiri paṇdit with whom Tropu had been studying ...

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The text was translated into Tibetan by the trio of Mitrayogin, Buddhaśrī (listed in the colophon as Buddhaśrībhadra), and Tropu Lotsāwa Jampa Pel (khro phu lo tsA ba byams pa dpal, 1172?-1236?), who is listed in the colophon as the "assistant translator" with his ordination name of Tsultrim Sherab ...

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When Gyeltsa was on his deathbed, he predicted his nephew's future, "Like a brass horn, your good fortune will widen at the end." After attending to the funeral arrangements he went to Nepal where he studied both sutras and tantras under a great paṇḍita named Buddhaśrī, who was born in Bhaktapur of Indian parentage. ...

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