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... There he studied with numerous masters, including Khewang Gendun Zangpo (mkhas dbang dge 'dun bzang po, d.u); Zhangton Tenpa Gyatso (zhang ston bstan pa rgya mtsho, 1825-1897); and Drungchen Sherab Gyatso, with whom he had studied at Lamo Dechen, and who gave him novice ordination at the age of twenty ...

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... When he turned twenty nine, he was appointed as the regent of the Third Welmang Tulku, Jamyang Tendzin Gyatso (dbal mang 03 'jam dbyangs bstan 'dzin rgya mtsho, 1854-1919 ).

During his time at Labrang, Jigme Trinle Gyatso received instructions from numerous teachers, such as Ngawang Tubten Gyatso (ngag dbang thub bstan rgya mtsho, 1836-1899), the fifty-first throne holder of Labrang; Jamyang Kyenrab Gyatso (a mchog 03 'jam dbyangs mkhyen rab rgya mtsho, 1849-1944); Zhangton Tenpa Gyatso (zhwang ston bstan pa rgya mtsho, 1825-1897) and others. ...

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... He studied under a number of scholars including Sumpa Khenchen (sum pa mkhan chen) and Detri Jamyang Tubten Nyima (sde khri 'jam dbyangs thub bstan nyi ma, 1779-1862), the thirtieth throne holder of Labrang Monastery; and Tukwan Yongdzin Rabjampa Tenpa Gyatso (thu'u bkwan yongs 'dzin bstan pa rgya mtsho, 1825-1897), a tutor of his previous incarnations ...

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